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Our Journey

From Lismore to Bundaberg, making insurance awesome

Since 2015, Avid Insurance Brokers has been shaking things up in Lismore, NSW, offering personalized advice for insurance needs. We’re all about people and providing the best protection. We joined forces with PSC Connect in 2017, giving us serious buying power. COVID-19 brought changes, but we rocked remote work and fell in love with it. Our team grew in 2021, and we’re pumped about opening a second office in Bundaberg, QLD.

We cover clients in Northern NSW, North QLD, and beyond, and even offer a mobile service for convenience.

Tailoring your strategy

Implement your insurance strategy

Day-to-day cover management

Support through claims process

Reviewing and renewing your cover

What we do

Guiding you through the insurance maze

We’re here to simplify the confusing world of insurance for you. Our job as broker insurance is to be your friendly guide, helping you navigate through the insurance maze with ease. We’ve got your back when it comes to understanding your insurance needs, finding the right coverage, and securing the best deals. We’re like your personal insurance gurus, ready to answer your questions, offer expert advice, and make sure you’re well-protected. 

the Faces Behind Avid Insurance Brokers

Meet the team

dave avid image

Dave - Managing Director

aka The Boss Man

Why insurance: It seemed like a good idea at the time.
I’d rather be: A race car driver.
On the weekend: I mow 5 acres and spend time with the family.
My favourite food: Is my wife’s roast chicken
Other jobs: Primary school teacher, NFP activities co-ordinator, board member.

dave avid image

Liz - 2IC and Claims

aka The Lynchpin

Why insurance: Sort of fell into it, haven’t climbed out.
I’d rather be: Running my own Animal Rescue Sanctuary with Alexandra.
On the weekend I: Write and paint.
My favourite food: Parmigiana
Other jobs: Mother, Nanna.

dave avid image

Alexandra - Administration

aka Innovation Guru

Why insurance: Seeing the need to offer a creative perspective, led me to enter the Insurance Industry. The Industry needs to embrace change and think outside the box, moving with the times of our modern world.
I’d rather be: Running my own animal rescue sanctuary.
On the weekend I: Spend time with family creating memories.
My favourite food: Sushi.
Other jobs: Hairdresser, Salon owner, Wife and Mother.

dave avid image

Doug - Account Manager

aka Quotation Sensation

Why insurance: I was looking for a better work / life balance but still wanted to be within a fast moving and dynamic industry.
I’d rather be: Camping and adventuring with my family.
On the weekend I: Go camping and 4wdriving.
My favourite food: Mexican.
Other jobs: Investor, Business Manager, and Dad to two amazing boys.

dave avid image

Jennifer O'Connor - Account Manager

aka The Jen-erator

Why insurance: Stumbled into the insurance work and never made it out – it’s fantastic being able to support people to get the best outcomes possible.
I’d rather be: In the Whitsundays…
On the weekend I: Spend time with the Family and enjoy time with them exploring.
My favourite food: Thai.
Other jobs: Managing Director of the O’Connor household.

dave avid image

Vener Lavador - Broker Assistance

aka The Gate Keeper

Why insurance: by chance, as fresh graduate looking for a job. I just enjoy the challenges and learnings it brings.
I’d rather be: in the field of Agriculture or in Arts.
On the weekend I: either taking a rest or enjoying life.
My favourite food: Sinigang
Other jobs: maybe in the field of sports, table tennis to be exact.

dave avid image

Megan Nugara - Marketing Co-ordinator

aka Magic Megs

Why insurance: I’m lucky enough to work with an amazing bunch of insurance professionals (The Avid Team), I just get to market them!
I’d rather be: In Spain sipping sangrias
On the weekend I: Usually playing taxi driver running my son to sport tournaments, watching my husband’s rugby games or exploring our corner of the South of France.
My favourite food: Mexican or anything Asian (we don’t get much of either in France)
Other jobs: Personal Assistant to 3 little humans (my kids), virtual business support assistant and wedding assistant.

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