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Commercial Motor Insurance

Did you know standard private motor insurance policies can cover your car, ute, truck or van for everyday use, but if your business uses vehicles for commercial purposes, then commercial motor insurance cover is what you need

For organisations or individuals that rely on commercial transport to run their business, accidents, theft or damage can slow and even stop operations. The cost of lost time, money and productivity from having your business vehicles out of action can quickly become significant. It often makes no difference if the incident that put the vehicle out of operation wasn’t even your fault.

Commercial motor insurance helps protect your business-use vehicles against theft, loss or damage as well as protecting against legal liability, loss or damage caused by the vehicles.

Our options and benefits give you flexibility to customise a comprehensive motor policy that matches your business needs to get your vehicles back on the road.

  • Comprehensive: covers you for damage to, and theft of, your vehicle and damage to a third party’s vehicle if you’re at fault in an incident.
  • Third party property damage: covers damage to a third party’s vehicle only if you’re at fault.
  • You might want to select the following options if you choose Comprehensive Cover
  • Windscreen: covers repair or replacement of your windscreen with no excess payable.
  • Hire car: covers the hire costs of a loan vehicle following a theft or attempted theft.

Steer your policy in the right direction with commercial motor insurance protection for your business-use vehicles, large and small, and you’ll be cruising with confidence. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

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