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Commercial Strata Insurance

Do you own a commercial retail, multi-tenanted office or industrial site? If the answer is ‘yes’, it is important you have the right commercial strata insurance in place.

Commercial strata insurance is designed to protect common commercial property jointly owned under a body corporate, strata or group title.

Commercial strata insurance is mandatory across Australia for commercial strata titled properties. Legislation ensures owners are protected against legal liability and financial losses caused by unexpected events which may result in damage, injury, breakdowns and catastrophes at a commercial property. 

Our flexible commercial strata insurance policy options give you the ability to create the coverage you need for today, which can easily be amended if your needs evolve. Choose from nine different options to create the coverage that is right for your requirements:

  • Property damage, covering loss or damage to building, common contents and loss of rent.
  • Public liability, covering your negligence against claims of personal injury or property damage by a third party.
  • Voluntary workers, covering death and total permanent disability of voluntary workers.
  • Workers compensation, covering employee injuries following an accident or work related illness, according to legislation in your state or territory.
  • Fidelity, covering against fraudulent misappropriation of your money.
  • Officer bearer’s liability, covering the executive committee’s legal defence costs and damages following an actual or alleged wrongful act in managing the strata.
  • Machinery breakdown, covering breakdown, power surge or explosion of mechanical machinery and/or their components.
  • Catastrophe, an event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering – disaster.
  • Government audit costs, covering professional fees associated with an audit.

Contact us to investigate how our flexible coverage options can be tailored to deliver the best commercial strata insurance to protect your commercial assets, today and tomorrow.

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