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Construction Insurance

Are you exploring construction options to build or renovate a residential home or commercial structure? Before breaking ground or taking down that first wall, build up protection for your property site and anyone who visits the site, with construction insurance.

Construction insurance provides financial compensation for covered losses to a building, or structure, during the construction phase. During a build or renovation, unexpected events, mistakes and accidents can happen. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, people on-site can experience injury or materials may be dropped. Damages and loss inevitably result.

Our construction insurance policy options are as individual as your building style and feature two important coverage benefits:

  • Property damage, which covers a building while it is under construction.
  • Public liability, which covers your negligence against claims of personal injury or property.

The only unexpected surprise you want on a construction site is the job finishing ahead of schedule. Contact us to explore how our flexible coverage options can create the construction insurance policy you need to get back to the site with peace of mind.

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