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For many businesses, corporate travel is an increasingly common work practice. While it can be considered a perk of the job, corporate travel plans can de-rail at a moment’s notice. From striking baggage handlers and flight cancellations to natural disasters, interrupted corporate travel can result in employees being stranded, injured or ill far from home without access to vital travel documents, money or their baggage.

Corporate travel insurance helps protect business owners, and employees from those unexpected events and accidents that can occur while traveling overseas or domestically for business.

Our corporate travel insurance plans are designed to help protect your company against the disruption and financial impact created by serious accidents, illness and travel delays. Our flexible policy options give you the opportunity to manage a range of unexpected scenarios, from loss of deposits to car hire, evacuation and even kidnapping.

Mix and match from the following benefits to design the corporate travel insurance policy that is right for your team:

  • Personal accident, which covers death and temporary total disablement following an accident or illness.
  • Medical expenses, which covers overseas medical expenses following an accident or illness.
  • Baggage, documents and credit cards, which covers loss or damage to baggage, travel documents, traveller’s cheques, credit cards and money.
  • Loss of deposits, which covers loss of deposits and cancellation charges of travel and accommodation expenses following an unexpected death, accident or illness.
  • Kidnap, which covers reimbursement costs following kidnap, detention, extortion and ransom.
  • Worker’s compensation, which covers the expenses for an employee following an unexpected death, injury or illness where that employee would normally be covered under Worker’s Compensation.
  • Hire car, which covers the excess payable when hiring a rental vehicle.
  • Alternative employees, which covers the reasonable and necessary expenses to send a substitute employee to complete the objective of the corporate travel.
  • Personal liability, which covers your negligence against claims of personal injury or property damage by a third party as a result of your business services.
  • Evacuation, which covers the expense to remove an injured person from a country due to a political, civil or natural disaster event.
  • Life insurance, which covers a lump sum benefit to an insured person’s nominated beneficiaries following death.
  • Additional expenses, which covers reasonable additional expenses incurred following an unexpected death, accident or illness.

Contact us to explore how our corporate travel insurance products can help protect your people, wherever they might go.

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