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Expatriate Medical Expenses Insurance

No matter where you are in the world, accidents can happen and illnesses can strike. If you’re not covered by insurance, you could be faced with a huge bill for medical care – or worse, no access to care at all.

We offer expatriate medical expenses insurance to make sure you have the best possible medical care, wherever you are.

If you’re working in a country with less developed medical infrastructure, it’s even more important to have insurance in case you need to be evacuated to a country with better medical care.

Even if you have health insurance through your employer or another provider, it might not cover you when you’re working in a foreign country.

When you’re a long way from home, we have your back. Our comprehensive policy includes:

24-hour emergency assistance. If your health or safety is at risk, you have an accident, fall ill or get caught up in a conflict overseas.

Political and natural disaster evacuation. Full personal safety assistance such as advice and evacuation for security issues including political unrest, natural disasters, and acts of war or terrorism.

Medical extras. Cover for routine dental, optical and medical expenses (up to the policy limit).

Pregnancy cover. Cover for routine and emergency maternity and newborn child expenses.

If you’re an expat and don’t have insurance, now is the time to get covered. Contact us today for a free consultation, and rest assured that you’ll be taken care of in case of an emergency.

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