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Machinery Breakdown Insurance

If you rely on machinery and equipment to run your business, you’ll appreciate how challenging it can be to experience unexpected or sudden machinery breakdown. Breakdowns cause business disruption which can inconvenience clients and suppliers. Repairs, replacements and workarounds to keep your business operational cost time and money.

Machinery breakdown insurance protects your business against financial losses when your machinery breaks down or is accidentally damaged.

Our machinery breakdown insurance policies incorporate a range of flexible benefits aiming to minimise financial losses caused by disruption from a breakdown in your plant, equipment and/or machinery by offering options that cover:

  • Property damage, covering mechanical and/or electrical breakdown of plant and/or machinery.
  • Deterioration of stock, covering loss of stock following a mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Business interruption, covering loss of income that could have been generated following an incident that occurs as a result of property damage (see the first bullet describing ‘Property damage’ above).
  • Additional increased costs of working, covering the additional expenses to keep your business operating following an incident that occurs as a result of property damage.

Contact us to explore how our machinery breakdown insurance benefits can help minimise business disruption for your business.

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