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Public Liability Insurance

Regardless of the size of your business, you have a legal responsibility to customers and members of the public if they incur an injury or their property is damaged because of your business services. Mistakes happen easily and quickly and the potential for claims lies everywhere. Ensuring coverage of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage  to a third party is an essential component of business insurance protection.

Public liability insurance is intended to protect you, your business and your employees against payments awarded for negligence, injury or property damage, along with the legal costs of defending a compensation claim.

Our Public Liability insurance coverage includes flexible benefits so you can tailor the policy that best fits your business need. Our comprehensive benefits cover your negligence against claims for personal injury or property damage by a third party, including:

  • Personal injury, which covers death, bodily injury, defamation, injury or property damage by a third party as a result of your business services.
  • Property damage, which covers physical destruction of tangible property.
  • Advertising injury, which covers defamation, misleading and deceptive conduct, copyright infringements, unfair competition and invasion of privacy.
  • Care, custody and control, which covers other people’s goods while in your custody.

Compensation claims for negligence have the potential to bankrupt a business, not to mention damage a company’s brand and reputation. Find out how our professional indemnity insurance policies can give you the confidence that your business is well protected against third party claims.

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