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Tax Audit Insurance

No one wants to think about their business being audited by the ATO, but the reality is that it can happen to any business, at any time. And when it does, the resulting accountant’s fees can be both overwhelming and unexpected. That’s where tax audit insurance comes in.

Our flexible tax audit insurance policy can cover professional fees associated with audits and official investigations, including:

  • Business audit only (with investigation cover)
  • Business and directors audit (with investigation cover)
  • Individual cover (only for insured parties that are not a corporation)
  • Self-managed superannuation fund cover.

We can help you find the right policy to cover the professional fees associated with audits and investigations, so you can rest assured that you’re protected. If you’re concerned about the potential cost of a tax audit, contact Avid Insurance Brokers today to find out more about our tax audit insurance policies.

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