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Trade Credit Insurance

When you trade or sell goods on a credit basis, you’re taking a risk. If the person you’re trading with or selling to doesn’t pay, your cashflow can be disrupted and you could be out of pocket.

Trade credit insurance can protect your business from the risks of non-payment, which can include bad debt, supplier failure and even bankruptcy.

Our flexible trade credit insurance coverage can help protect you from the risks of non-payment. We offer a range of benefits to choose from, including:

  • Comprehensive cover, which protects your entire credit portfolio, including domestic and export customers.
  • Excess of loss, which is suitable for businesses with strong internal credit management processes who want cover for exceptional loss across their entire portfolio.
  • Key account, which covers Key Account for clients requiring protection on their largest buyers; optional non-cancellable credit limits and deductibles.
  • Single buyer, which covers single buyer coverage for quality credit risks.

Trade credit insurance is important for protecting your income and business assets against potential customer failure. The right cover can protect you from cashflow disruptions, giving you the confidence to grow your company. Contact our team today to help assess what coverage would work best for you.

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