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Voluntary Workers Insurance

Voluntary workers are an important part of society and business. Volunteering helps make a positive difference across communities and gives many people a sense of purpose. Most volunteers donate their time and expertise to a cause but typically do not receive personal benefits of any kind. Volunteers most frequently support charities, associations, clubs, community centres and religious centres.

Voluntary workers insurance gives individuals who volunteer to perform unpaid work on behalf of an insured party protection against unforeseen events. Our voluntary worker’s insurance plans feature up to six coverage benefits that are as critical to your policy’s effectiveness as your volunteers are to your organisation:

  • Defined events, which covers death and temporary total disablement following an injury.
  • Accident benefits, which covers temporary total disablement following an injury.
  • Broken bones benefit, which covers a lump sum payment as a result of an injury.
  • Non-Medicare medical expenses, which covers expenses for various medical practitioners following an injury.
  • Student tutorial benefit, which cover’s a student’s tutor fees following temporary total disablement.
  • Domestic help, which covers domestic help and childcare costs following temporary total disablement.

Benefits only apply if the volunteer is employed at the time of the event and if not, only the domestic help section is applicable. If your volunteer is a full time student, then the student tutorial benefit is applicable. 

We help organisations give their volunteers a sense of confidence they would be properly looked after if an unforeseen event happened at their place of work. Contact us to explore how we can help.

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