Avid Insurance Brokers has partnered with Sedgwick who are an Australian based claims specialist firm to assist with handling your claims on our behalf.

Sedgwick are an extension of our business and have been appointed to ensure that you receive full policy entitlements in the quickest possible time at no additional expense to you. It is only when a loss occurs that you get to utilise your insurance policy and it is important that we get the claims proposition right. By partnering with Sedgwick’s who offer claims services on a global scale, we are confident your claims experience will be managed in line with our business values.

We are still very much a part of your claims experience and are here to discuss anything you may need however, we feel that by partnering with Sedgwick’s we can demonstrate just how important our claims service is to you at your time of need.

To lodge your claim, please contact Avid Insurance Brokers on 02 6621 9300 or complete the applicable online claim form below. We will then engage Sedgwick who will assist you throughout the claims process.

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