Cyber Insurance

Cyber-crime is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world and can strike anytime, anywhere and any device. In the digital economy, any organisation that operates a website or holds information in an electronic format is vulnerable to cyber-attack and data breaches, whether deliberate or accidental.

Cyber insurance is intended to help cover financial losses to your business, customers and other related parties in the aftermath of a cyber incident. 

Our cyber insurance policies can be designed from a comprehensive range of options tailored to amplify protection for your data, systems and infrastructure, including:

Point of Sale Intrusion

Cover attacks against your IT infrastructure where purchases are made using a payment card.

Cyber Espionage

Covers unauthorised network access.

Mis-use of Inside Privileges

Covers unapproved or malicious use of an organisation’s resources by an employee or contractor.

Cyber Extortiony

Covers an attack or threat of an attack against your IT infrastructure and/or demand for money to release access to your IT infrastructure and/or data.

Denial of Access

Covers your IT infrastructure if access is intentionally unavailable.

Web Application Attack

Covers your IT infrastructure against web application exploitation.


Covers against the threat of malware attack to your IT infrastructure, hardware, operations and data.

Miscellaneous Errors

Covers unintentional mistakes by individuals in your business.

Physical Theft
or loss

Covers an incident where your IT infrastructure is lost or stolen.

Payment Card Skimmers

Covers the event where a skimming device is implanted into your IT infrastructure to collect data from a payment card.