Marine transit insurance

Global trade is a fact of life, particularly for Australian businesses seeking opportunities in overseas markets. Transporting goods between locations carries an inherent degree of risk regardless if being transported by road, rail, sea, air or post.

Typical marine transit risks include accidental or malicious damage to cargo, theft of a vessel and its contents, piracy, cargo lost overboard, collision and the transport vessel sinking. All these risks have the potential to create significant financial loss for the carrier of the goods and the owner of the goods.

Marine transit insurance helps protect against financial losses from these risks by providing coverage to protect your cargo while it is in transit. Our marine transit insurance policies provide flexible, comprehensive options to give owners and carriers peace of mind, featuring:

  • Marine cargo, covering the insured's goods being transported by the insured's vehicles, or being professionally transported by others, for loss or damage.
  • Carrier goods-in-transit, covering the Carrier’s customer’s goods, if they are lost or damaged while under the Carrier’s control.
  • Carriers liability, covering the Carrier’s legal liability for goods being transported.

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