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Whether you’re a landlord renting a property to holiday makers, short-term or long-term tenants, protection of your asset , and the income you derive from that asset, is of paramount importance.

Landlord insurance is designed particularly to help protect landlords from a range of common  losses associated with renting properties to tenants. It includes protection against the risk of tenants causing damage to your building and its contents, either by accident or with malicious intent. Landlord insurance can also help protect you against lost income rental if your property becomes unliveable, or if a tenant defaults on paying their rent.

Our coverage options are designed to adapt to the needs of any landlord, and include:

  • Building insurance, which covers physical loss or destruction of your buildings due to an insured event .
  • Content insurance, which covers physical loss or destruction of your contents due to an insured event.
  • Loss of rent insurance, which covers your rent when the building you own is uninhabitable following loss or destruction due to an insured event
  • Rent default insurance, which covers your rent when your tenant leaves early, stops paying rent or is evicted please read the PDS for rent default cover section and applicable excesses
  • Theft by a tenant, which covers the theft of your building or contents by a tenant.
  • Public liability insurance, which covers you against legal liability claims for  personal injury or property damage To a third party.

Investing in property is a big step. Landlord insurance to protect property, and the rental income it generates, is essential for every landlord. Explore how we can help design a policy that works for you.

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