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Residential Strata Insurance

Home is where the heart is. If that happens to be a place with shared common property such as an apartment, townhouse, flat or duplex, you need to have the right residential strata insurance coverage in place.

Residential strata insurance is a legal requirement in Australia. Each state and territory has its own legislative requirements governing insurance for strata title properties.

Sometimes also knowns as body corporate insurance, residential strata insurance provides coverage for common property and contents under the management of a strata title or body corporate group. Usually the components covered by strata insurance are defined in the title of the property.

Residential strata insurance can help protect your property, common areas and contents, fittings and fixtures and machinery from damage. It can also cover any employees, visitors or voluntary workers who might visit your residential building against injury, disability or death. This type of coverage does not cover the personal contents of each individual unit holder.

Taking out residential strata insurance is an important step to ensuring your home is protected against some of the more common risks associated with shared living. Our policies can be designed to match your circumstances and align to the legislation required by the state or territory in which you live. Our residential strata insurance policy components include:

  • Property damage, which covers loss or damage to building, common contents and loss of rent due to an insured event. .
  • Public liability, which covers your negligence against claims of personal injury or property damage to a third party
  • Voluntary workers, which covers death and total permanent disability of voluntary workers.
  • Workers compensation, which covers employee injuries following an accident, according to your state’s legislation.
  • Fidelity, which covers against fraudulent misappropriation of your money.
  • Officer bearer’s liability, which covers the executive committee’s legal defence costs and damages following an actual or alleged wrongful act in managing the strata.
  • Machinery breakdown, which covers breakdown, power surge or explosion of mechanical machinery and/or their components.
  • Catastrophe, an event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering; a disaster
  • Government audit costs, which covers professional fees associated with an audit.
  • Lot owner’s fixtures, which covers loss or damage to lot owner’s fixtures or fittings.

Love thy neighbour but be practical too. Contact us to explore how we can help you design the best residential strata insurance coverage for you.

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